Asda has complied with a commitment given to the CMA last year to ensure its promotional pricing is fair and clear for shoppers.

After completing a review of Asda’s improved approach to clearer pricing on offers, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) welcomes the steps taken by the supermarket to make promotions clearer.

Last summer the CMA, working in partnership with Trading Standards Services, identified that some promotional pricing used by supermarkets could mislead shoppers. The CMA followed up these issues with a number of supermarkets and their trading standards partners. The CMA raised specific issues with Asda, and Asda subsequently agreed to make changes to the way offers were advertised.

A year on, having reviewed and independently verified the data around these changes, the CMA is content that Asda has stuck to its commitments to clearly label offers and discounts.

Asda’s changes mean that the supermarket does not display the ‘now’ price for longer than it displayed the original (‘was’) price.

There have also been changes to multibuy offers, to ensure that these always offer a saving when compared with a single product before the offer.

The CMA welcomes the positive changes made by Asda and is satisfied that Asda’s pricing is clearer for shoppers. This means that the CMA has formally closed its case.