Firewood Supplies in Uk

Looking for quality fire wood suppliers in Uk

Fire wood supplies are ideal for: Wood burning stoves, Multi fuel stoves, Open fires, Chimineas, Pizza ovens.

Kiln dried logs or seasoned logs?

Kiln dried logs are always the best quality firewood supply for your requirements in Uk. Kiln dried logs mean they have been dried to moisture content of less than 20%.

Seasoned logs are cheaper but they have more moisture, hence why they will crackle more on your fire. Kiln dried logs will provide better and more consistent heat in a wood burning stove and keep your chimney clearer.

A cheap moisture meter is very easy to use to test the quality of your logs.

Log in bulk bags or handy packs of firewood logs?

Bulk bags of firewood can save a lot of money. You will still have the choice of seasoned wood or kiln dried wood.

We still recommend a moisture meter for seasoned logs, depending upon how aged and how they have been stored the moisture levels can vary a great deal. It is often best to keep seasoned logs a few months yourself before using.

Handy packs of logs like you see at supermarkets can offer really good value. The other advantage is that you can try different types of logs to see what burns best on your particular burner.

Buying tips for firewood logs?

If buying by weight then seasoned logs can have a lot of moisture and you maybe paying for the water content.

Is a builders bag a ton of logs? Builders or also called dumpy bags are for building materials, dense items like rockery and wood would not add to a ton.

Finding the best wood for your wood burning stove. People are surprised how different logs burn and how quick v’s the amount of heat that is given out. If heat is a major requirement rather then good kiln dried logs will burn longer and throw out more heat. But check those moisture levels as these can vary greatly.


Never burn wet firewood

Wet firewood will cause more soot and tar in your chimney. Even seasoned fire wood logs should be kept under cover and with a good air flow to dry them out further before using.

What is FSC?

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council and means that wood is from a forest that is well managed for renewables. Trees actually consume a lot of CO2 when growing so that is good too.

We like Amazon for log supplies, especially when trying out different qualities before deciding to buy in bulk, plus customer reviews are always very useful